General Questions

Custom shirts can have 2 lines of text, up to 25 characters per line (including spaces) under Black Excellence. Here are examples of what you can place on your customized shirt: 

  • Teacher/Educator/Chef/Educator
  • Ph.D./Scientist/CEO/President
  • Author/Artist/Dancer/Doctor
  • Attorney/Accountant/
  • Professional Athelete
  • Registered Nurse/NursePractitioner
  • Psychiatrist/Therapist/Chiropractor
  • Veterinarian/Designer/Stylist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Author/Principal/Musician
  • Classical Violinist
  • C-Suite Executive
  • Social Worker/Editor Music Producer
  • Journalist/Barber


  • Barber and Professor
  •   Violinist and Physician
  • Athlete and Engineer
  • Judge and Coach

Based on feedback from customers shirts are true to size.  

There is a “no refund” policy on all custom apparel. If for any reason the shirt is defective in anyway please contact us through our customer service email- for support and resolution.

All payments will be made through either the web site or in-person distribution. Items will be shipped through USPS at the standard rate. 

Please contact us through our website and we will generate a response within 24-48 hours.